Write a letter to your friend who has met with an accident and is recovering

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Write a letter to your friend who has met with an accident and is recovering

Thanks to my brother, Mark, for doing this. I always get some heat about posting essays about the stupid things people say to those with cancer. I know people come here expecting to learn. People inevitably vary in their responses to what people say. After all, responses to books, movies, and comedians are all over the place.

Maybe the listener is scared. Maybe they are just uncomfortable talking about illness and death. If you are a friend you will need to get over your discomfort or get out of the way. Do not turn it back on you, or when you had cancer, or when your child or mother or 2nd grade teacher did.

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Types of cancer are not the same. Even subtypes of cancer are not the same. Different diseases cannot be compared. Different cases of the same disease cannot necessarily be compared, either. We are happy for her, truly. But that bears no relation to how someone else can handle their surgeries, treatments, and side effects.

Is there something at work I can do to make it easier for you? I hope you know I would like to help if I can. It shows concern and they can be as detailed as they want in their response.

Be determined to defeat cancer and you will! Does that mean those who die every day are responsible for their deaths because they are weak-minded?

Need some inspiration? These famous authors have offered reasons why they write:

If it were as easy to defeat cancer as mindset, people would not die of it by the thousands every day. Similarly, comments about appearance while rampant, can strike the wrong chord. Being a compassionate person and caring friend does not require personal experience that is identical to what the person is going through.

Let me say that again, a different way: Part of what I try to do here is level the playing field. I try to bring you information and advice you can use so that you will know more about helping than you did before.

Do not tell someone who is in the middle of treatment that chemotherapy is a waste of time.

write a letter to your friend who has met with an accident and is recovering

Not all lotions are good to use during radiation treatment. Not all vitamins are good additions. I like what travisbhartwell tweeted to me: This is happening to me in spades.

But I think it also has to do with the fact that death and illness make people uncomfortable. I represent their fears. People who should be in touch with me at least every week or two because that is how often we saw each other before have just dropped away.

PLEASE SEND YOUR CURRENT CONTACT INFORMATION! Yes, our year reunion is still almost two years away, but we're trying to locate our lost classmates well in advance. For those who wanted to hear my interview on Doctor Radio and weren’t able to listen on Wednesday, here is a link to a downloadable audio file of the one hour show. Thanks to . I’m an avid reader of your blog, and a friend of mine has a situation that has left me bewildered, so we’re coming to you for help. He works as an administrative assistant for a very large, successful company, but his boss is a raging alcoholic. He goes out at lunch about times a week and.

That said, there are so many people in my life who are so wonderful. Who offer to help, who make it easy to accept it. Who send notes or emails of support months after the initial shock. Who keep asking what they can do. Who pointedly give ways they can help and ask if I could use it.

One thing I think is very important is to always say to someone who is ill or has experienced a death in the family: Do not feel the need to answer this email.

Do not feel the need to call me back. Can I do anything there for you? If you have no knowledge of what information you are being told, admit it.The first few days after your pulmonary embolism will vary based on how severe your embolism is and what damage the embolism has done.

All pulmonary embolism patients should expect to . Article shared by. Dear friend (name), I was highly shocked to hear that you met with a serious scooter accident.

Thank God you were saved.

Sample Letter to a Friend Who Is Hospitalized

Your serious condition, . A couple weeks ago I was driving through a neighborhood and there is a construction site on both sides of the street. All of a sudden a construction worker came into the street and I did not see him at all due to fencing and signs around the area and I hit him on the right side of my car.

Your serious condition, however, has caused serious concern here. I would soon be becoming to be by you bed. It is some consolation that Minu is with you and taking proper care of you. I thank God that you escaped with minor injuries from the terrible accident your car had with the bus. Aunty told me that the accident occurred due to the rash and negligent driving of the bus driver/5(95).

I only have a picture now, A frozen piece of time, To remind me of how it was, When you were here, and mine. I see your smiling eyes, Each morning when I wake.

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