The unsafe habit of texting while driving

Driving is a privilege because of the inherent risk and responsibility we all need to assume out on the road.

The unsafe habit of texting while driving

Start the Countdown Looking at your phone while driving is very distracting.

The unsafe habit of texting while driving

As he went about his business, he casually held his car's steering wheel in one hand and a cell phone in the other. He certainly hadn't planned on running that red light. That was when a semi-tractor trailer swerved to avoid clobbering his car. Instead of hitting the negligent driver, the rig plowed directly into the vehicle carrying Jacy Good and her parents, Jean and Jay Good.

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Jacy's parents were killed instantly. She was critically injured and endured agonizing rehabilitation sessions to regain her speech and her ability to do just the simplest of tasks. The Goods' story is just one of thousands each year of the pain inflicted by distracted driving.

The unsafe habit of texting while driving

It's no wonder that "distracted driving" has been called "the new drunk driving" [source: Distractions inside our vehicles abound. For many professionals, their car, truck or SUV is truly their office on wheels.

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For younger drivers, the car continues to serve as a social hub as it has for decades. But now vehicles are not just a mobile party; they've also become a spot to place calls and send texts -- all too often with deadly consequences.

Every day, distracted driving kills more than 15 people and injures more than 1, [source: Centers for Disease Control ].

The purpose of this article isn't to scold busy drivers or hasten the dawn of a vehicular nanny state. Instead, it simply lays out some of the most dangerous habits that distract drivers -- habits that you might not even guess to be all that risky.

As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed. So start arming yourself for safer driving by reading the No.Currently there is no national ban on texting or using a wireless phone while driving, but a number of states have passed laws banning texting or wireless phones or requiring hands-free use of wireless phones while driving.

Driving While Distracted; Driving Under the Influence; Stay safe on the road by reading the following facts and helpful tips. Driving While Distracted.

Anything that takes attention away from the road is considered a distracted driving habit and can easily lead to an accident and personal injury.

Distracted driving habits commonly include texting, eating, or talking on the phone. The National Safety Council estimates that one in four car accidents involve cell phone use, but many people still believe that talking or texting while driving is harmless.

Using electronics while driving is only one of the dangerous habits that have become all too common for today's drivers.

It’s no secret that texting while driving takes a driver’s attention away from the road, but many people think, “it’s only a few seconds”. This assumption is erroneous.

Sending or reading a text causes drivers, on average, to take their eyes off the road for five seconds. May 04,  · Texting and driving is a form of distracted driving, probably the worst one because it tends to take your eyes off the road.

Even if you have voice-to-text, often you pause to look at your phone. Texting & Driving Statistics. It can be hard to grasp the dangers of texting and driving, but once you know the facts, this hazardous habit starts to become a reality.

Moreover, texting while driving can put you at a higher risk for an accident than drinking and driving.

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