Stalin declassified

The Austrian royal councilor Sigismund von Herberstein described in his report Rerum Moscoviticarum Commentarii Notes on Muscovite Affairs his observations during his travels in Moscow in and

Stalin declassified

Sunday, January 8, "One death is a tragedy; a million is a statistic," said Joseph Stalin It is estimated that between 20 to 40 million people, mostly Russians, were killed by Stalin during his dictatorship Stalin, the Soviet dictator, not only exterminated purported "enemies of the peoples" but also liquidated almost the entire slate of communist Bolshevik leaders, who had been his and Lenin's friends during the Russian Revolution of The Great Leader, Joseph Stalin, in fact, killed in peacetime more communists of all nationalities, than all his fascist, Nazi, and Western democratic enemies combined.

This is not a comprehensive list; others have done that already. This report is only an interesting sampling of vignettes of "communists devouring communists" during the twenty-nine year performance of the macabre Soviet symphony conducted by the director Joseph Stalin declassified Djugashvili, better known as "the man of steel," Stalin.

Old Bolshevik Cadres "We will destroy every enemy, even if he is an Old Bolshevik, we will destroy his kin, his family. Anyone who by his actions or thoughts encroaches on the unity of the socialist state, we shall destroy relentlessly.

Leader of the Military Bolshevik Organization that "stormed" the Winter Palace during the October Revolution and who also brutally suppressed the Tambov Rebellion ; he was purged in and executed.

Stalin declassified

This radical revolutionary faction represented the peasants, and felt betrayed by the Bolsheviks. On July 4,at the Fifth All-Russian Soviet Congress dominated by the Bolsheviks, Mariya Spiridonova, a year-old woman with dark hair and wearing pince-nez, rose to the podium and attacked the Bolsheviks with words of fire: In Lenin's philosophy, you are only dung — only manure.

When the peasants, the Bolshevik peasants, the Left SR peasants and the non-party peasants are alike humiliated, oppressed and crushed — crushed as peasants — in my hand you will find the same pistol The expected Left SR against the Bolsheviks had failed, and Spiridonova awaited her fate calmly and composed.

She was arrested and jailed that summer of Twenty Left SR hostages were shot. Spiridonova was sent to the gulag.

The rest of her Left SR comrades — just like the Kadets and Mensheviks had been — were hunted down thereafter and virtually exterminated by both Lenin and Stalin. Spiridonova was shot in the gulag in After stalking Trotsky for sometime and then befriending him, Ramon Mercader, a Spanish communist, assassinated Trotsky with a pick ax on Stalin's order Eitingon had served in Spain during the civil war "with distinction.

Sudoplatov fished him out of prison for the "special task" of arranging the assassination of Trotsky, which Eitingon successfully accomplished using his communist Spanish mistress, Caridad Mercader's, son Ramon.

The Great Illegals and the Foreign Intelligence Services "Illegal" agents were Soviet spies working under deep cover in Western countries with no diplomatic cover or immunity. Jewish-Austrian intellectual; another illegal deep cover Soviet agent, recruiter and controller of the infamous British traitors, the "Cambridge Five"; Dr Deutsch was recalled, denounced as a traitor and executed.

Peace and Love without Liberty is slavery!

Head of the Illegal London Soviet "residency" He completed the recruitment, training, and running of the "Cambridge Five" spy ring. He was recalled, denounced as an enemy of the people, and shot. Deep cover Soviet agent operating in Italy; denounced as a traitor to the motherland, recalled to Russia, and executed during the Great Terror It was not only the Soviet agents who were hunted down; so were the Soviet foreign spymasters.

Abram Slutsky, head of the secret police, foreign intelligence INOwas found dead of a "heart attack" most likely cyanide poisoning in his office inas his department was being purged of enemies of the people in the Great Terror.

His immediate successors, Zelman Pasov and Mikhail Shpigelgas, soon followed him to the grave, executed as enemies of the people. General Jan Berzin photo, right: Along with Tukhachevsky, 40, Red Army personnel were eliminated during the Terror of Only one of these generals did not brake under interrogation, General Blyuker, who died in prison after being repeatedly tortured.

Forty-five percent of the Army and Navy command and political staff from the position of Brigade commander up the officers' ranks were eliminated by Stalin's security police, according to Russian historian and Army General, Dmitri Volkogonov.

Stalin declassified

It had been decapitated.Declassified is an American television series produced by Ten Worlds Productions on The History Channel that originally aired on November 9, The series takes viewers inside vaults and archives around the world to reveal the untold stories of modern of episodes: 13 (list of episodes).

The term "repression" was officially used to describe the prosecution of people considered counter-revolutionaries and enemies of the people by the leadership of the Soviet Union at the time, Joseph purge was motivated by the desire to remove dissenters from the Communist Party and to consolidate the authority of Stalin.

Most public attention was focused on the purge . Eyewitness accounts of the Trinity atomic bomb test, July 16, The Stalin Digital Archive The SDA is a result of collaboration between the Russian State Archive of Social and Political History (RGASPI) and Yale University Press (YUP) to create an electronic database of finding aids, to digitize documents and images, and to publish in different forms and media materials from the recently declassified Stalin archive in the holdings of RGASPI.

The history of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGBT) in Russia and its historical antecedents (the Soviet Union and the Russian Empire) has largely been influenced by the political leanings of its largest influence on Russian attitude towards homosexuality had the medieval Catholic-Protestant Europe.

Russian LGBT . Welcome to the homepage of the Stalin Society of North America (SSNA). The SSNA is the result of many months of hard work and many years of hopeful emulation.

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