Santana essay

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Santana essay

Hinduism As Santana Dharma, the Eternal Religion by Jayaram V This essay is about the true meaning and significance of Santana Dharma and why Hinduism can rightly be called so from a moral and practical perspective. Since the earliest times, Dharma has been the generic name given to all faiths or sacred teachings that originated in India.

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The word religion is foreign to Indian culture. Indian scholars recognized each faith as a Dharma. To distinguish each of them they used the name Santana essay the founder, teacher, divinity, school of philosophy or scripture as the qualifying prefix.

The essential nature of a person or a being or object is also known as Dharma. A person who practices any sacred faith is called a dharmi, the follower of dharma. Dharma also means law. If anyone indulges in immoral, unethical or irreligious acts, he is called adharmi and his action adharma.

Dharma thus establishes the social and moral norms of society and regulates their beliefs, conduct and way of life. Frankly, all the Dharmas of Indian origin are aspects or facets of one eternal Dharma. Indeed, in modern times, we have become too divisive and possessive about our respective faiths and their names.

Santana essay

Hinduism in ancient times Until the medieval period, Hinduism had no particular name. Its various traditions and subsects were known by different names. The Muslim scholars who came to India and the rulers who established their rule in the country called the people of the subcontinent Hindus.

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The British continued the tradition, in addition to designate their faith as Hinduism. Hinduism of the British period consisted of all faiths that were native to India, including Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Today, they are recognized as separate faiths and given equal status as Hinduism.

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Each of them has a long history of its own and can be counted as a religion in itself. In addition, people also went by different names according to their faith or the discipline in which they specialized.

However, at no point of time in history, until medieval times, no people of any faith in India were called Hindus or used Hinduism or Hindu Dharma to denote any religion. It is because the name Hinduism is a modern invention.

It was derived from the word Hindu, which in turn was derived from the word Sindhu, which was the name of the river that still flows in the northernmost part of the Indian subcontinent. Thus, Hindu was originally a geographical and ethnic name, which acquired religious significance later on due to peculiar circumstances.

Until medieval times, for the people who lived outside India, the people of the Indian subcontinent were known as Hindus and their land itself as Hindustan or India.

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Santana essay

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