Rencontres seniors languedoc roussillon

The weather was cool at about 25 with a wind from the wsw of about 15mph. The sun was shinning and promised to be a beautiful day.

Rencontres seniors languedoc roussillon

A Brief Review and Photographs First of all, a big thank you to Ian Robinson from Cellar Trends for coming to presenting the World Whisky Tasting and a big thank you to all who turned out Rencontres seniors languedoc roussillon come and taste the whiskies.

As always with tastings it is difficult to know how much depth of information to go into and, for the first part of the tasting, Ian gave a brief, but very thorough, introduction to the entire whisky making process.

Rencontres seniors languedoc roussillon

From the start to finish, from the grain to the final maturation period and even I learned a few things. This was followed by the whisky tasting.

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Of course, the world of whisky is a massive subject and it is really difficult trying do a World Whisky Tasting in a couple of hours and 7 or 8 whiskies, but Ian did a pretty good job. Perhaps it might have been nice to include an Irish whiskey. It is always interesting to sit in on a tasting like this and to listen to the opinions and comments of the people sitting around you.

I am continually surprised by what I think people will like and what people actually like! How wrong I was. Here is a breakdown of whiskies ordered on the evening as percentages of bottles sold: Here are my brief tasting notes: Epicurean Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl The nose has aromas of lemon citrus, grassy, floral notes and a slight note of anise.

In the mouth the whiskey is soft and supple with flavours of green apple and barley notes with a good, clean, fresh finish. I have tried The Epicurean a number of times and have not always liked it but this time, I think, I got it.

A lighter lowland style of whisky. The nose is slightly sweet with aromas of smoky, brinem green apples and a touch honey.

The aromas on the nose follow through on to the palate which has a slight salty tang. Fresh, clean finish with only a whisper of peat. I am a bit of a peathead and this is not quite peaty enough for me.

It is a multi-island blended malt comprising single malts from Arran, Jura, Orkney and Islay. The Arran and Jura ones are easy, there is only one distillery each of these could be. A great, and gentle, introduction to anyone who might want to get into peated whiskies. The nose is soft and fruity.

The palate was soft, sweet and mellow with sweet, malty character and a hint of chocolate and fudge. It is actually a blend of Scottish malt whisky and Canadian grain whisky. For me the grain dominates the blend but it is still a great example of Japanese whisky blending.

An extremely drinkable whisky, and quite a few people seemed to agree. The nose is floral with hints of cereal, barley and grain.

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The palate was soft and fruity, with hints of stewed fruits and some orange-y notes. Unlike the Togouchi, this is Japanese spirit although some sources say some of the grain may not be. In the Akashi White Oak Distillery was the first whisky distillery in Japan to be granted a whisky distilling license and they still only distill once a year.

Rencontres seniors languedoc roussillon

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