Mars incorporated essay

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Mars incorporated essay

Its primary business divisions include chocolate, candy, food products, pet care, symbioscience and drinks. To retain its global market share, it employs different marketing strategies that give it an edge in the market. These include competitive product pricing, extensive distribution network, products that target specific market, and evolutionary measures that puts it above its competitors.

As an international firm, it uses different strategies when entering new markets, and this may vary depending on the country. Some of these strategies include acquiring smaller candy manufacturers to increase its market share as it did in Canada, or entering the market as a single business unit as it did in Australia.

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Mars Incorporated is an American multinational company that specializes in the manufacture of confectionary and other food products. The company was founded in in Tacoma, Washington before moving to Minneapolis in Minnesota.

Currently, the global headquarters of the company is located at McLean, Virginia in the United States.

Mars operates six different business segments each specializing in the production of different products. They include chocolate, candies, pet care, food, drinks and symbioscience.

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As one of the leading private candy companies, Mars Incorporated has a strong marketing strategy that allows for market penetration and continuous product development to fulfill the needs of its customers. This symbol gives it unique characteristics that stand out from other competing candy manufacturers.

To ensure its position in the market is cemented, the company rebrands the candy periodically to give it a new look Smith, This strategy helps in marketing the candy because consumers always want to try the new look candy.

In terms of product strategy, Mars Incorporation has divided its operations into strategic business units. Each business unit is used to target a specific market where it acts as a product or profit centre of the main company.

Mars incorporated essay

Each business unit sells a distinct set of products to specific customers competing with other companies selling the same product. Therefore, each business unit evaluates its performance, revenue, targets, and strategic plans separately from the main company, since it operates in a different market setting that vary in terms of customers, degree of competition, and profit making.

This product strategy allows every business unit to operate without pressure from the parent company or other business units in the same company Rothacher, As such, every business unit is evaluated as a product at the end of the financial year, and its performance compared with similar products from competitors.

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In addition, the company owns a perfect distribution network where it liaises with leading stores the operating countries.

Moreover, it works in collaboration with leading artists who have a global appeal to market the candy to new markets Rothacher, Each of these artists represents a single color of the candy that range from red, blue, yellow, green, orange and brown.

This perfect distribution network is complemented the company ensuring that the candy is sold at local shops where they can be conveniently accessed by customers. This effective distribution strategy benefits from a well-crafted communication strategy developed by the marketing team.

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Communication involves elements of product promotion such as public relations, advertising, sales promotion, and personal selling. These communication strategies are meant to sell the candy as the best available brand that guarantees customers satisfaction Rothacher, Mission.

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Mars is one of the world’s largest privately owned businesses with annual purchasing of $4 billion. The company is now running an online auction to induce competition and reduce the sourcing cost.

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