Literacy programme

Classroom Strategy Research Review What makes an effective literacy program?

Literacy programme

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We provide a strong collective voice to increase awareness of adult literacy challenges, influence public policy, and create change. By providing evidence of the challenge faced by adults around the world, ProLiteracy aims to amplify their courageous voices and build a global community dedicated to ending…and supporting positive change for these adults.

By helping adults gain literacy skills, we can help reduce poverty, improve public health, and advance human rights in communities and countries around the world.

Our programs and projects promote adult education through basic literacy reading, writing, basic mathELL English language learninghigh school equivalency degree, financial, digital, and health literacy. READ MORE Professional Development for Literacy Organizations ProLiteracy helps build the capacity and quality of adult literacy programs by providing professional development opportunities for program managers, instructors, trainers, and others.

These tools help adult literacy programs strengthen skills, learn new strategies, and provide the best instruction to improve student outcomes in reading, writing, and numeracy. From basic reading instruction to high school equivalency and workplace skills development, NRP offers more than titles of comprehensive adult education materials designed for students of all levels to take the next step forward.

Literacy programme

Because of non-productivity in the workforce and loss of tax revenue due to unemployment, low literacy has a long-term impact on the economy.Today, data literacy is as important as reading and writing, but we're facing a major skills gap.

That's why we’re on a mission to help people and organizations understand, analyze and use data with confidence. Let’s make this happen, together.

Context and Background

Regardless of your role, skill level or the BI. The programme also provided teachers with direction and guidance for the teaching of literacy with a focus on reading as well as the tools necessary for the assessment of student needs and the knowledge of how they read.

Programme for International Student Assessment, which focuses on developed countries Notes [ edit ] ^ Gender difference is calculated as the male literacy rate minus the female literacy rate.

The Barton System is an Orton-Gillingham based program designed for volunteer tutors in adult literacy programs. Training is provided on videotape with fully scripted lesson plans.

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Contact: Barton Reading and Spelling System, Camden Ave., Suite , San Jose, CA , , Computer Literacy Programme, Pilani. likes · 1 talking about this. Computer Literacy Programme or CLP is an initiative of NSS, BITS Pilani to provide 5/5(17). Literacy Grant Program City National offers a Literacy Grant Program that supports elementary, middle and high school educators through Reading is The way up for creative literacy projects and Dollars + Sense to help students develop financial management skills to meet the challenges of the future.

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