Internal control objective of dunkin donuts

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Internal control objective of dunkin donuts

We change lives every day through the incredible power of brain training! Our programs are designed to target weak cognitive skills and help anyone from age 4 to 94 to achieve guaranteed results. However, part of the LearningRX sales pitch is that they guarantee results — or your Internal control objective of dunkin donuts back.

However, some former LearningRX employees have claimed that their LearningRX franchise either put undue pressure and financial incentives on testers to do whatever it takes produce positive test results — and thereby avoid a refund.

Others claimed they were blatantly instructed to falsify test scores to exaggerate the effect of their program.

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Are you familiar with the LearningRX franchise? Please share a comment below. Some allege that some LearningRX franchise locations intentionally falsify test results to show bogus improvement — and avoid paying refunds.

I worked for learningRx in a management position and as a trainer… i witnessed test scores being changed to persuade parents to sign up or continue after completion… It is grossly overcharged without a flat rate so each family pays what the owners can get out of them! The trainers are all great people who do exactly as they are told, and help motivate the students.

However, they will scam you out of your money and falsify test results. I felt guilty being a part of it after a while. I worked with a LearningRx franchise for 2 years before taking on the role as a test examiner.

Shortly after taking on the role, the director pulled me aside and complained about the lack of growth in the final testings I had administered.

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He said it was very important to remember that our success as a center relies on results found in the final tests and that basically my paycheck relied on seeing growth in the final tests. The excuse was that I was not administering the test correctly. All of the results I thought my own students were achieving were false.

The director was willing to trick parents and manipulate a credible test like the WJIII to make money. I would advise buyer beware. I also was in management with LearningRx.

Internal control objective of dunkin donuts

Let me start by saying, I worked at two different locations each with different owners. I started as a receptionist and tester and worked my way up to Assistant Director. Everything from falsifying test scores to trying to make her employees claim they were independent contractors… Are LearningRX Test Results Intentionally Skewed?

Standardized assessments like the initial and supplemental tests are not meant to be given more than once a year. LearningRx gives them every months. If you are not familiar with the system, the entrance test and exit test is identical.

LearningRX bases success on whether or not the person being trained moves beyond what they are initially able to complete on the test. So, on paper and according to their guarantee, their program has worked. However, there was absolutely NO improvement in any of the areas that had been discussed during the initial visit!

My daughter went through this program at the beginning of this year… now that she is in 8th grade everything has just gone downhill. She has worse grades than ever and has dozens of missing assignments. So I feel like I threw away 7, dollars on the product that has no true guarantee.

What do you think? Do LearningRX franchise owners falsify test results? Is the LearningRX system skewed to indicate imaginary progress? Are LearningRX trainers and testers under pressure to return positive results, even if it requires questionable tactics?LearningRX Complaints: Falsified Test Results.

( According to the LearningRx franchise website: “LearningRx is one of the top educational and child franchises in the change lives every day through the incredible power of brain training!

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Internal control objective of dunkin donuts

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