Human depravity

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Human depravity

Human Depravity in the Congo by Robert J. I am going to use the Democratic Republic of the Congo as my example. As I illustrate and explain what has happened to Human depravity Congo and its people during the past years, I invite you to consider my essential point: Human depravity has no limit unless people like you hopefully and me take some responsibility for ending it.

Depravity, barbarity and violent exploitation will not end otherwise because major international organizations such as the UNnational governments and corporations all benefit from it and are almost invariably led by individuals too cowardly to act on the truth.

It was populated by some of the greatest civilizations in human history. By the s, more than five thousand slaves a year many from inland regions of the Human depravity were being transported to distant lands, mostly in the Americas. Great Issues of a Race from B.

But the ruthless military onslaught of the Europeans never abated. In fact, it continually expanded with ever-greater military firepower applied to the task of conquering Africa. Colonization One outcome of the Berlin Conference was that the great perpetrator of genocide — King Leopold II of Belgium — with the active and critical support of the United States, seized violent control of a vast swathe of central Africa in the Congo Basin and turned it into a Belgian colony.

A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa which reveals the magnitude of human suffering that this one man, unopposed in any significant way by his fellow Belgians or anyone else, was responsible for inflicting on Africa.

Now if you were hoping that the situation in the Congo improved with the death of the monster Leopold, your hope is in vain. The Congo remained under Belgian control during World War I during which more thanCongolese were forced to fight against other Africans from the neighboring German colony of Ruanda-Urundi.

This included its use of uranium from a Congolese mine subsequently closed in to manufacture the first nuclear weapons: Independence then Dictatorship Bythe Congolese people had risen up to overthrow nearly a century of slavery and Belgian rule. Patrice Lumumba became the first Prime Minister of the new nation and he quickly set about breaking the yoke of Belgian influence and allied the Congo with Russia at the height of the Cold War.

But the victory of the Congolese people over their European and US overlords was shortlived: Patrice Lumumba was assassinated in a United States-sponsored coup in with the US and other western imperial powers and a compliant United Nations repeating a long-standing and ongoing historical pattern of preventing an incredibly wealthy country from determining its own future and using its resources for the benefit of its own people.

Lumumba himself was captured and tortured for three weeks before being assassinated by firing squad. The new dictator Mobutu, compliant to western interests, then waged all-out war in the country, publicly executing members of the pro-Lumumba revolution in spectacles witnessed by tens of thousands of people.

By nearly all potential threats to his authority had been smashed.

Human depravity

Washington justified its hold on the Congo with the pretext of anti-Communism but its real interests were strategic and economic. By May the invading forces had removed Mobutu and installed the new more compliant choice for dictator, Laurent Kabila. Relations between Kabila and Kagame quickly soured, however, and Kabila expelled the Rwandans and Ugandans from the Congo in July However, the Rwandans and Ugandans reinvaded in August establishing an occupation force in eastern Congo.

It eventually killed six million people — most of them civilians — and further devastated a country crushed by more than a century of Western domination, with Rwanda and Uganda establishing themselves as conduits for illegally taking strategic minerals out of the Congo.

During the periods under Mobutu and Kabila, the Congo became the concentration camp capital of the world and the rape capital as well.

Human depravity

Pregnant women were disemboweled. Genital mutilation was commonplace, as was forced incest and cannibalism. The crimes were never punished, and never will be.Depravity definition is - a corrupt act or practice.

How to use depravity in a sentence. a corrupt act or practice; the quality or state of being corrupt, evil, or perverted: the quality or state of being depraved.

Total depravity does not mean that man is as wicked or sinful as he could be, nor does it mean that man is without a conscience or any sense of right or wrong. Neither does it mean that man does not or cannot do things that seem to be good when viewed from a human .

Human Depravity As we said in the previous chapter, a common point of debate among theologians focuses on the question, are human beings basically good or basically evil? The hinge upon which the argument turns is the word basically.

This term (depravity) denotes that inherited pollution that pervades the entire human character. What the term does not mean: every man is as thoroughly depraved as he can possibly become. Depravity Of Man.

Most Relevant Verses. Romans Results Of Sin Imperfection, Influence Of Becoming A Christian.

Mankind displays human depravity in world religions -

Missing The Mark Perfection, Human Cures Sin Justification, Necessity Of Becoming An Adult Rome Bad Things All Sins Being Equal Last Judgment ethics, Depravity (9 instances) Man ( instances) Related Readings. 2 more. The Bible teaches the total depravity of the human race. Total depravity means radical corruption.

We must be careful to note the difference between total .

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