How to write a 4th step inventory

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How to write a 4th step inventory

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. Alcoholics Anonymous World Services. My years of addiction landed me in some pretty painful circumstances.

Step 4 AA | 4th Step AA Inventory

Due to using alcohol and other vices to cope, I ended up hurting others and myself. I did things I am ashamed of. I wore a mask, lived a lie, and still walked around with a big smile on my face pretending all was well.

By the time I entered recovery, I was broken, ashamed, depressed, confused, and hopeless.

What Is the Purpose of This Step?

Working the 12 steps has been a gateway for serious transformation. Get to the Roots of Addiction Step 4 is where the rubber met the road for me. This is the step that really scared me. But at the same time, it got me excited. This is a step that could help me get to the root of my insane thoughts, behaviors, and addictions.

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I mean, why in the world did I continue to use booze to numb or use people to fill the void? What were the underlying causes? This simply means taking an honest look at all of your good and bad character traits.

When you take inventory, you take notes or write down ALL that you have on hand. I have to write down all of my negative character traits? I have to admit that I hurt others? Take responsibility for all the times I manipulated, lied, stuffed, etc.? I felt a huge relief after I completed this step.

I squared my shoulders and faced a lot. Then, as I began to heal, I began looking at myself with a new perspective—a loving and compassionate perspective. I forgave myself for my past.

Shot my emotional baggage to the moon.

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My advice for heading into Step 4 is to allow courage to rise and be completely honest with yourself while doing it.Jul 28,  · The UPS center has a bunch of thermal printers the customers use. I’m been meaning to write down some of the model numbers and ask the guys on which thermal’s they like best.

The online 4th Step Guide includes an exhaustive set of directions explaining how the guide works and a reminder that an inventory is simply a list: "Please keep in mind that the Fourth Step is not dealing with changing anything.

An inventory doesn't change things, it simply lists things.

how to write a 4th step inventory

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The Fourth Step of Alcoholics Anonymous is an excellent example of the apprehension that you can feel in trying to make a breakthrough in your sobriety. In the Fourth Step of AA, it states that you must make a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourself.

This AA Morning Step Work Sheet is designed for newcomers or anyone who wants to start each day off in a way that will definitely set them up for a new & better life. The "Turnarounds" were invented by some AA members in Massachusetts in the late 80's.

It's often a month 4th step section where a person writes about a .

4th Step Turnarounds - AA The Original Way Group