Graphic orgainzer macbeth

What you need to know.

Graphic orgainzer macbeth

Help students progress from impressions or reactions about a character to a deeper understanding of the character's attributes.

Lady Macbeth & Macbeth Graphic Organizer by Clarissa Cabrera on Prezi

Choose a character from any book, short story, play, poem, or film and ask students to start describing the character. Project an overhead of the character map and ask students to recall some of their descriptions. In which category would they fall appearance, actions, or reactions of others?

Write their responses in the boxes. Are they evenly distributed among each, or are most in one area? Ask students for suggestions to describe the character in all three areas.

Have students write a paragraph discussing the character and their reactions to the character using the graphic organizer for reference. Use the Character Map in creative writing.

Graphic orgainzer macbeth

Students answer questions on the map to fully develop characters that they are inventing. When studying dynamic characters, have students complete the Character Map early in a text. Put their work aside and ask them to complete another Map after finishing.

Then compare and contrast the two.Macbeth no longer needs Lady Macbeth's involvement and bids her be "innocent of the knowledge" of his decisions. (ii.) A third murderer, obviously not known by the other two, joins them, and although Banquo is slain, Fleance escapes.

Step 1: Read the source text. Lady Macbeth’s sleepwalking scene from Act V, Scene I. Step 2: Evaluate the source text and add your notes to the literature column of the Academic Criticism graphic organizer.

Step 3: Choose one of these images of Lady Macbeth’s sleepwalking scene. Macbeth Characterization Graphic Organizer Use this graphic organizer to collect your thoughts about characterization in Macbeth-n As you read each scene.

Record what you learn about the character. Add the line from the play that supports your idea.

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 Macbeth Plot Analysis Graphic Organizer Plot Elements Element Definition Act in the Play Exposition: What you need to know. Background information is presented, main characters are introduced, and the conflict is established.

National Portrait Gallery/ Universal Images Group / Image Ques. process - step one.

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Picture Shakespeare sitting at his desk about to put his pen to a blank piece of parchment. Using a graphic organizer like this is just one way to help kids see the important parts that need to be included in their stories (not the only way).

This is the second of a part series for Primary Grades.

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