Family tradition and culture

Often, the Sunday Family Meal is a time for gathering children and grandchildren.

Family tradition and culture

Family Tradition and Culture Essay - Paper Example Family Tradition and Culture Essay Family tradition and cultural legacies contribute to inhibit to an individual self-identity in many ways that would last a life time - Family Tradition and Culture Essay introduction.

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Even the choices of food we may eat or the beliefs we may have with religion all comes from our family tradition. An individual who comes from a respectable and strong background of their culture are more likely to want to past their cultural knowledge down to the next generation.

Family traditions and cultural legacies are unbreakable bonds and foundations that teach use about strength we must use in everyday life. Culture is one important element of self- identity which contributes to how an individual view themselves and the community they live in.

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For instance, when dating some people who have a background of Greek culture, you or your significant other may find it difficult to date or be in a serious relationship because of the closeness of family. Most Greek families are extremely close knit and you must get approval from the eldest male to date who you wish.

On the first date; expect your significant other to be backed up by a large family not only including parents and siblings but also grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins.

It is not that they are nosy or have absolutely nothing to do; it is the Greek Culture to share every moment with family because time is precious.

We will write a custom essay sample on Family Tradition and Culture.Perhaps the best example of family rituals are holiday traditions, such as those surrounding Christmas or Hannukah.

Family tradition and culture

Events surrounding these holidays like picking out a Christmas tree, lighting the menorah and gathering for dinner with extended family can become rituals. Tradition is the passing of beliefs or behaviors from one generation to the next generation, whereas culture reflects the characteristics that describe a society at a particular time; and the culture is mostly associated with the art forms.

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Whatever the artist's system, one can be sure it is the product of a tradition kept alive by generations of women throughout the Arab world as well as the Indian subcontinent. African-American culture, also known as Black American culture, refers to the contributions of African Americans to the culture of the United States, either as part of or distinct from mainstream American distinct identity of African-American culture is rooted in the historical experience of the African-American people, including the Middle Passage.

Family tradition and culture

Scholars of the African traditional family agree that the one widely known aspect that distinguishes the African traditional family, say from the European one, is the perversity of polygamy3.

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