Extraordinary people

My first week was a 5km time trial and l thought. Now after 5 weeks l have smashed my current 5km time by over a minute, my aerobic base is building each week and my training structure has never been better. My long runs are easier and my recovery is nowhere near as long.

Extraordinary people

Thank you for your kind words Bob.

Extraordinary people

Thank you also for making a thoughtful addition to what I said. Tess Thank you Dave for this wonderful post. Each moment of every ordinary day give us opportunity to walk out who we are in Him. An hour long oration that touches our spirits and blesses us cannot do, either for or against the cause for Christ, what we with our simple lives do every day.

We can either damage Christ with our lives as a witness or bring others to Him. We are doing either one or the other every moment.

Sometimes you want to be dismissive to others who seem unappealing or annoying. Satan has used gadgetry to keep us from the human interaction that touches peoples lives. The high tech world that we thought would make life easier has sapped us of everything that we once held sacred.


I am so blessed and happy that I listened to the Spirit when He told me not to carry a cell phone. I keep an emergency cell in the car and never use one for anything else.

All the people in the bible were just people like we are. Thanks Dave for this wonderful godly post. Please silence your ringer. Thank you for your kind words Tess. Thank you also for your thoughtful comments. May the Lord richly bless you and yours.

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Understanding the point of the short essay is against self-centered thought and a refocusing toward JESUS alone and focusing on the last paragraph there are more than several words and word phrases used that do not accomplish that goal and instead direct the reader inward rather than toward JESUS.

It is difficult to write a self-motivational piece of literature without inward directed speech, but our faith, as you point out in your piece, is not about self-motivation. We are… but our faith is not. I tried my best to not use any inward directing words in my second paragraph, call me out if I erred.

Also, let the reader understand I agree with the intended lesson of your short essay. Dave Jenkins Jerry, I appreciate your intended remarks and note the intended spirit in which they are given.

I would also like for you to note in the first sentence while appealing to you I point the person to God. As I noted already I am pointing people towards God and even indicate that in the last paragraph by pointing people towards Jesus.

No need to disagree.

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We often get caught up in our own zeal while communicating a thought concerning scripture and any kind of criticism is often difficult to swallow. Yes, there are not too many ways to discuss the intended audience without pointing them out, especially with motivational speaking or writing as a career.

You will find this difficult in expounding the Gospel message to others in that format. We just have the tendency to let our flesh leak out onto the page, Isa We truly have nothing of our own possession to offer HIM.

Bob Demyanovich There is a loving manner and a taunting manner. Come let us reason together or, I challenge you to prove. We are blessed by all the aspects of our God revealed through the thoughts shared by the timid and courageous here.They're small things, but each has the power to dramatically change someone's day.

Including yours. Extraordinary, Ordinary People: A Memoir of Family [Condoleezza Rice] on initiativeblog.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

God Uses Ordinary People in Extraordinary Ways

This is the story of Condoleezza Rice that has never been told, not that of an ultra-accomplished world leader. For the first time in Extraordinary People, the psychiatrist who was a consultant to the movie Rain Man, collects the most fascinating cases of Savant Syndrome both in history and modern times.

Jan 18,  · Top 10 Extraordinary People With Disabilities^Top 10 Extraordinary People With Disabilities^It is a great achievment for any man to perform extraordinary acts - but it is even more so when this is done despite a terrible disability.

This list looks at 10 people who have made a major mark on society through their actions or through succeeding against all odds.^tiktikhappy.

Extraordinary people

After 5 weeks of following my programme as set by Kerry l am extremely pleased. My first week was a 5km time trial and l thought.

Get out of here l am running km l don’t need to run a hard 5km. For the first time in Extraordinary People, the psychiatrist who was a consultant to the movie Rain Man, collects the most fascinating cases of Savant Syndrome both in history and modern times.

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