Enders game notec chapter 1 7

Summary Analysis The chapter begins with a conversation between Graff and a colleague. They also agree that Ender handled the conflict with Bernard perfectly: In each incarnation of these conversations, Graff seems determined in his goals. Graff has, of course, noticed how Ender maneuvered his way into becoming friends with Bernard and Alai.

Enders game notec chapter 1 7

Card begins most of his chapters the same way—with a conversation between adults discussing the fate of Ender, the young protagonist. At this point, however, this is all entirely mysterious, as the speakers are unnamed not even Ender himself is named specifically.

Enders game notec chapter 1 7

A nurse speaks to a young boy named Ender, calling him Andrew. Ender privately thinks that the woman is lying—having the monitor removed will hurt a great deal. Ender has had the monitor imbedded in his body for a long time now.

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But even as Ender thinks about getting along with Peter, he realizes that nothing is going to change. As the doctor leans in, Ender feels a sudden searing pain in his head, and his entire body tenses up.

The doctor screams for a nurse, and the nurse injects Ender with a needle. Active Themes An hour after his operation, Ender returns to his classroom.

The teacher, a woman named Miss Pumphrey, proceeds with a lesson on multiplication. Here we begin to get a sense for who Ender is and what kind of world he lives in. Because of this, Ender is disliked and bullied by those like Stilson. After school, Ender leaves class and walks to the bus.

Ender thinks calmly, and he decides to fight back. As soon as Stilson is ready to fight Ender, Ender kicks him, hard, in the chest. But he also realizes that if he walks away now, Stilson will be back to fight him again. He walks to where Stilson is lying on the ground, moaning, and kicks him in the crotch.

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This section introduces us to the rather brutal world Ender lives in. So far, Ender has been gentle, meek, and a victim, but here we see the dark side of his brilliant mind: Strangely, the same careful, calm thinking that made Ender seem like a sweet child also makes him capable of savage attacks on his peers—when that is what he deems necessary.

We will learn much later that Stilson dies from this attack. With this, Ender walks away from the crowd, toward the bus. He is still a sensitive child at heart, but apparently lives in a warlike world where he is forced to act almost sociopathically in order to survive.

Retrieved November 29, The chapter begins with a conversation between two unnamed people (for the purposes of this summary, we’ll call them X and Y, and refer to them as “he”).

Enders game notec chapter 1 7

X claims that he’s been watching someone for many years now, and has concluded that this person is “the one.”. View Notes - Ender's Game Chapter from LT Science Fi at Maryknoll School. Tiffany Lam October 30, Science Fiction Literature Enders Game: Chapter %(1).

ENDER'S GAME by Orson Scott Card Chapter 1 -- Third "I've watched through his eyes, I've listened through his ears, and tell you he's the one. Need help with Chapter 1: Third in Orson Scott Card's Ender’s Game?

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PLAY. Chapter 1: One of the first things you may notice about this book is that it is printed in two different fonts. The sans serif font at the beginning of almost every chapter is usually in the form of a dialogue between two unidentified speakers, most of whom you will become familiar.

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