Employee training and development research papers

Email 7 Best Practices for Employee Training Following these tips will help ensure your training session will not only meet all the course objectives but also yield satisfied participants who believe the experience was worthwhile on many levels. March 21, Article Author:

Employee training and development research papers

June 6, Growth: Understanding this, we were disappointed to discover, through our latest research, that the employee perception of internal opportunities is the lowest it has ever been.

When employees were asked to rate their agreement with the following statement: Sample Employee Engagement Survey Advancement and Promotion For organizations with particularly low scores on the statement, we took a closer look. We found that the written comments surrounding growth and development issues suggest that employees attach their perceptions of opportunities for growth and development to promotions, increased pay, and advancement prospects.

Employee training and development research papers

In other words, career advancement and promotions are what employees see as giving them growth and development opportunities. Training and skill development alone appear to be ineffective for increasing perceived opportunities for growth and development. For many organizations, advancements and promotions can be likely because of struggling business operations.

Employees notice the decrease in succession planning—hence the drop in scores. Can you fix that? Can you increase employee engagement when there are less opportunities for career advancement?

Focus on other aspects of employee growth Yes. A number of organizations have maintained high scores on perceived growth and development opportunities throughout economic downturns.

For employees to sense opportunities for growth and development, keep talking about development plans and succession planning. Keep talking about career advancement.

As the perceived growth and development opportunities increase, so will your employee engagement.Article on key research studies on the relationship between employee ownership (through an ESOP, stock options, etc.) and corporate performance.

Employee training videos aren't the same as they were a decade ago. Check out the new ways today's businesses are using video to support and scale their employee training activities. An employee training session may be a staff member’s first return to the classroom since high school or college days.

For others, continuing education may be a regular part of their professional life. The skilled trainer must be prepared to create a learning environment conducive to both genres of students, frequently at the same time in the same session.

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Employee training and development research papers

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