Different types of abuse

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Different types of abuse

Natasha Tracy Unfortunately, many types of abuse are all too common in adult relationships. Forms of abuse often are seen in domestic partnerships but abuse is also common between elders and their adult children. No matter the age, gender, socioeconomic status, education or ethnicity, anyone can become a victim of abuse.

Knowing about the forms of abuse can allow you to spot them and stop the abuse as soon as possible.

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Forms of abuse include: Emotional abuse consists of any behavior designed to hurt another person mentally. Psychological abuse includes yelling, threats, shaming, humiliation and shaming, among other tactics. Financial abuse — this type of abuse is often seen alongside other forms of abuse.

Financial abuse is when one person restricts access to money from another. This type of abuse includes actions like cutting off access to bank accounts, controlling where someone is allowed to work and preventing access to financial information. Physical abuse — this form of abuse shows the most outward signs.

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Physical abuse is also known as domestic abuse or domestic violence when it occurs within intimate relationships. Physical abuse is any physical act or threat of a physical act designed to harm another person physically.

This type of abuse includes actions like slapping, punching, hair-pulling and kicking. Physical evidence such as bruises need not exist for the act to be physical abuse.

Sexual abuse — this type of abuse is often perpetrated against women although men can be victims of sexual abuse too. Sexual abuse includes any unwanted sexual act forced on the victim. This form of abuse is also often known as sexual assault or rape.

Sexual abuse can include anything from unwanted touching to forced intercourse or forced sexual contact with another person.

Verbal abuse — verbal abuse is generally a form of psychological abuse. This type of abuse occurs when an abuser uses words and body language with the intent to hurt another person. Verbal abuse includes put-downs, name-calling and unreasonable criticisms.

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Elder abuse consists of other forms of abuse perpetrated against an elder. This form of abuse often consists of financial, emotional and even physical abuse. All forms of abuse are illegal, although some are harder to prosecute than others.

Many of these different types of abuse are also perpetrated against children and teens. For detailed information on child abuse and the types of child abusego here.Workplace Flexibility Summer Different Types of FMLA Leave -- DOL Topic: F EMPLOYER-SIDE COMMENTS!

Employee Abuse of FMLA Leave o Employers allege rampant abuse of intermittent leave, supported in part by their.

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6 Different Types of Abuse. The commonly held definition of abuse, which we use in all of our trainings, is “a pattern of behavior used by one person to gain and maintain power and control over another.”. Going out with friends and having a few too many on occasion is an alcohol problem, but it is very common on among young people.

When those drinking bouts begin to cause you real problems in your life, and you continue to drink in spite of the negative consequences, is when your drinking becomes alcohol abuse.

Different types of abuse

For more information, visit initiativeblog.com erosin is aoe an enorae ease ontat oveisreset for more information Types of Abuse There are many types of abuse and they are all difficult to experience.

Becoming aware of the forms that abuse can take helps you to be better prepared to recognize such behavior as abusive. Once you are able to label abuse, you can begin to take steps necessary to stop it from happening or repeating.

Physical and sexual assaults, or threats to commit them, are the most apparent forms of relationship abuse or types of abuse and are usually the actions that allow others to become aware of the problem.

However, regular use of other abusive behaviors by the abuser make up a larger system of abuse.

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