Compare joys present job essay

Teachers foster in young people a desire to help others, work together, and to form own opinion.

Compare joys present job essay

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Thus, shepherd leadership has a spiritual element to it, as well as, the element of trust. The essay will briefly examine a Biblical perspective of shepherd leadership in ancient Israel; the qualities of the Good Shepherd in Psalms 23; Jesus the Good Shepherd; and traits of a true shepherd leader as discussed by van Vuuren.

Biblical Perspective of Shepherd leadership in Ancient Israel 1.

Compare joys present job essay

Prophesies were brought against some of them for not feeding the people, who were more concern about themselves; turning a blind eye to those that are diseased; failing to seek out those people who seem to have gone Peter Stroude Page 2 of 9 astray; neglecting to protect the people ; and being cruel to the people Ezekiel The Shepherd leaders who were also referred to as pastors were not indispensible.

God promised in the Book of Jeremiah, due to the failings and poor leadership of some pastors, to appoint new leaders who would truly care for those they lead Jeremiah He made commitments to search and seek out those people who are lost; he will gather his people and bring them to their own land; he will feed them; he will give them rest; and take care of the injured and sick.

God as a true Shepherd has promised to care for his people Ezekiel The Qualities of the Good Shepherd: Psalm 23 Crissman noted a major quality of the good shepherd leader is the provision of everything we need according to Psalm The psalmist celebrates the Lord as his shepherd leader who leads him where food needs are met.

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The good shepherd is mindful that the physical needs of the followers are essential to their very existence. The Good Shepherd also is concerned about the immaterial part of his followers or soul of man. He cherishes and nourishes the spiritual and emotional well being, of his followers Psalm Peter Stroude Page 3 of 9 The Good Shepherd leader guides the follower in a righteous path, because the Good Shepherd wants his good name to be well spoken about Psalm As a goodhe is mindful of the example he sets in leading his followers.

Where he takes his followers and how he does it, is important to the good shepherd leader. The Good Shepherd is the protector and counsellor to his followers.

When the evils of life seek to harm the followers and bring discouragement, the good shepherd leader is always available to defend and encourage the followers Psalm The health and safety of the followers is a major priority of the good shepherd leader.

The Good Shepherd blesses his follower, even when their adversaries are present. He is not ashamed to satisfy their needs even during times of difficulty and conflict. He takes care of his followers when all does not seem well.

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He makes them look good in the presence of their enemies Psalm The good shepherd leader stands with his followers in good times and in bad times.The essay: It's one of the most important parts of your college application, and it can be the hardest.

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Compare joys present job essay

Compare and contrast is a common form of academic writing, either as an essay type on its own, or as part of a larger essay which includes one or more paragraphs which compare or contrast. Career vs Job.

The words career and job are so common that we hardly pay attention to the differences between them. We speak of them as if they are interchangeable and in fact synonyms, whereas the fact is that career is different and distinct from the job that you may be doing at present.

May I present to you one amazing man who has known the hardships of life at a very tender age but has grown to be molded through them to achieve and persevere.

He grew up at Wisconsin and had his first job when he was twelve.

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