Book review for african civilization

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Book review for african civilization

Friday, 29 June Lawrence Hill Books, pages. A Book Review By Ozodi Osuji Beginning during his student days at Paris, France, in the s, Professor Diop was obsessed by the desire to prove to a skeptical world that Africans had great civilizations and, indeed, that they initiated human civilizations.

Apparently, he had imbibed the self-serving propaganda by racist white scholars that Africans did not have any civilization of note and therefore cannot be expected to mount a civilization.

The implicit message in this propaganda is that Africans ought to be ruled by Europeans and that Africans ought to be good boys and allow their European masters to rule them it is interesting how some human beings ask other human beings to allow them to rule them for their own good even as they tell us that people are out to serve their self-interests, and if so how could some human beings ruling others serve their interests?

Thus, from his student days he began writing articles that demonstrated that Africans had great empires. He wrote many articles and the book, The African Origin of Civilization, published inis a collation of some of his seminal articles on the subject.

It is a mere summary of his numerous writings on the subject. Subsequent to this book, Dr.

Book review for african civilization

Diop wrote other books on the subject, such as his famous Civilization or Barbarism book. The man dedicated his entire life to one subject and wrote voluminously on it. Unfortunately, he died rather young, in the s; death cut short his endeavor to enlighten the world that Africans had a glorious past.

This book, The African Origin to Civilization, is considered a masterpiece by those Africans and African Americans interested in the subject. To them he made a decisive argument that the first Egyptian civilization was initiated by Africans.

As he sees it, Africans started the first great human civilization, Egypt. Subsequent to the glory that was ancient Egypt other people were attracted to it.

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We know from history that Semitic and Aryan folk came south from their original home in the Caucasus now part of Russia ; that they trekked into Sumer and then to the entire Middle East. They trekked into what is now called Egypt.

Apparently, the Egyptians themselves did not call their country Egypt, Greeks called them Aiguptos, Egypt; they called themselves Kemit: Mauny, begged to disagree with his perception of Egyptians as black. Mauny insisted that Egyptians were a brown, Mediterranean people. In the s BC the Persians defeated Egypt and ruled it.

When the Roman Empire fell, Germanic groups trekked into Egypt and lived there, not to talk about those other Europeans who served in the Roman army many Roman soldiers stayed back and became part of the Egyptian population mix.

Egypt has been invaded by countless people; all of them left their genes in her gene pool.The Destruction of Black Civilization took Chancellor Williams sixteen years of research and field study to compile.

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The book, which was to serve as a reinterpretation of the history of the African race, was intended to be ""a general rebellion /5(8). Book Review for African Civilization. FOR ONLY $/PAGE.

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Book review for african civilization

The US Review of Books supports the Eric Hoffer Project by publishing the results of the annual Eric Hoffer Award for Books. The Eric Hoffer Award is judged by an independent panel, under direction of the Eric Hoffer Project, and is not influenced by The US Review of Books. the african origin of civilization: myth or reality - a book review "In all history, nothing is so surprising or so difficult to account for as the sudden rise of civilization in Greece.

Much of what makes civilization had already existed for thousands of years in Egypt and Mesopotamia, and had spread thence to . The African Origin of Civilization has 1, ratings and 45 reviews.

Zanna said: Soundtrack to this review - please listen:)The Ancient Egyptians, th The African Origin of Civilization has 1, ratings and 45 reviews. Egypt, etc. Every person of African descent should read this book. African history needs to be claimed back and told /5. Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store.

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