Annamalai university mba assignment principles of management

Principles of Management Q1. What do you see as the main difference between a successful and an unsuccessful decision? How much does luck versus skill have to do with it?

Annamalai university mba assignment principles of management

Self confidence is an essential interpersonal variable for effective communication- discuss? Self Confidence is an essential interpersonal variable for effective communication. Lack of self confidence can be critical barrier to effective communication.

A person must have the self confidence to communicate his achievements, his personal capabilities and his prospects. The communicator must build and develop himself a justifiable self confidence.

The feelings of anxiety and worry are closely associated with the low self confidence. A person with such feelings perceives himself unable to communicate with the people in any situation.

Annamalai university mba assignment principles of management

He feels difficult to face the different faces in practical life. Self confidence is a belief and faith in ones own ability to speak. The manager when he is communicating a piece of information gives in the belief that he is transmitting messages in such a way that the receiver receives it and understands the message.

In other words, the communicator must have a great deal of trust in oneself or in ones own power of communication.

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Oral communication is more than a physical process. It has also psychological aspects like establishing justification, developing confidence, etc. Mental qualities find their highest manifestation in self-confidence. With trust and belief a person can communicate more effectively.

The old proverb says, Where there is a will, there is a way. Similarly, where there is self-confidence, there would be good communication. It is an art and craft which can be perfected by experience and practice but cannot be fully taught. The process of building up of self-confidence consists efforts of mental exercise and situation dealings that have to be undergone before a person may hope to acquire the full control over his self or over his will.

If the self and the will are strong fanned by the desired goals, the way is generally open to him, the way of all the tenacity and perseverance that a person has.

It is, therefore, not easy to have a determined belief or trust outright. One has to experience in various interpersonal situations of communication and work for it with all efforts availing opportunities and one has to develop and grow self-confidence gradually and steadily.

Analysis of interpersonal communication situations reveals that one good interaction everyday adds to his self-confidence as one every work will eat into it and hamper its development. Managers just occupying positions or beginners may have temperamental capabilities and in these formative periods of interactions, one can make or unmake ones self-confidence.

Experience, practical situations are not yet fully set and there is enormous scope for improvement of self-confidence. Statements can be confusing. Feedback from Listener provides clarification. Here are some ways to ensure proper feedback: Ask the listener general questions did I explain myself clearly?

Offer further explanation to correct a misinterpretation M. Wolf had suggested maintaining a personal achievement journal. They suggested recording particulars of success, failures, experiences which can help to learn, improve and achieve. From those summaries, write quarterly and yearly accounting for yourself.

By reviewing your achievement journal, you will give yourself an ongoing personal inventory of self-insight, performance, and future direction. You will have relevant data for documenting the development of your career.Internal Assignment No.

1. Master of Business Administration / PGDM. Paper Code: MBA - Paper Title: Indian Ethos & Management Max. Marks: Note: Question No.

Annamalai university mba assignment principles of management

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