An analysis of shakespeares macbeth the protagonist as being lured to murder the king

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An analysis of shakespeares macbeth the protagonist as being lured to murder the king

IT has been said that the process of induction as to public questions seems quite foreign to the American mind.

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No more striking illustration of this has been given than the literature arising out of our late labor troubles. The daily press has literally teemcd with editorials no two of which agree as to the cause of the diffi- culty; the magazines and reviews, aux- ious to satisfy public demand, have printed hundreds of pages of theory on the labor outbreak, and the one thing that characterizes all this lite- rature is the total dearth of facts.

The smoke of the Pittsburgh fire had hardly cleared away when I undertook the task of finding out the truth about the labor troubles, and my work has been done as carefully and thoroughly as the limited time af- forded for such a long trip would ad- mit.

To begin with Illinois, the extreme western boundary of the strike, it might be fairly said that when divest- ed of newspaper coloring the whole af- fair in this State, with the exception of the skirmish between the police and a small mob of thieves and vagabonds on Halstead street, Chicago, was a great farce.

The Braidwood riot was merely the culmination of a local feud between the black and white miners; the latter taking the opportunity af- forded by the general scare to re- venge imagined wrongs inflicted by colored miners.

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The trouble certain- ly did not grow out of the lack of work, nor the reduction of wages. The distress in Illinois, aside from the usual poverty in a city like Chicago, is purely imaginary.

Glass, tacks, steel rails, cotton goods, agricultural imple- ments, furniture, and hundreds of other useful commodities, are being made by men who are employed at living wages; who dwell in comfortable homes, and have plenty to eat, and drink, and wear, and who know little or nothing about hard times save what they read in newspapers.

When I arrived at Indianapo- us early in August the outward manifes- tations of the strike were over, and business of all kinds was resumed. The city had been troubled with bread riots just prior to the strike, and a large number of men were out of work.

Since the war few cities have been so prosperous as Indianapolis, and for several years after the panic, while other cities suffered, there was plenty of work here.

The result of this was a large influx of workingmen from all points. About two years ago business began to decline, and real es- tate went down. Then began the mistaken policy of working men at half time.

Rent and fuel are very low. In the lower quarters of the city I found a regular organized communist element, which had for some time given the authorities considerable trouble.

The books of the township treasurer showed that no less than 4, per- sons were receiving charitable relief. The class that clamored loudest for this relief, and who caused all the trouble in July in that city, number about four hundred able-bodied men.

They are led by a man who delights in being called the workingmans Mo- ses. This man is such a strange character that at the expense of a di- gression I will describe him. The af- ternoon I called upon him I found him at tea. There were no spare chairs in the house, so he invited me to sit upon the veranda, and he sat down beside me.

An analysis of shakespeares macbeth the protagonist as being lured to murder the king

This leaders appearance was cx- traordinary in the extreme. A small thin man sat beside me. His hair was of gravelly color, short and uncomb- ed; his overhanging forehead almost obscured his little weazel eyes; while a hare lip made his face rather repul- sive.

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His skin was unwholesome; his finger-nails, unlike his hair, were long, and in mourning because bereft of soap. Clothes he had none.

This was the man whose sanguinary appeal for bread or blood on the court-house steps was listened to with terror by a thousand citizens of Indianapolis, and whose remarks were telegraphed throughout the length and breadth of the land. If the readers of daily newspapers could only see the leaders of these movements, shorn of the coloring of special despatches, the terrible com- munist element in the United States would serve only to scare children and stir up alarm in the hearts of nervous old ladies.

I found that at Fort Wayne the strike was nothing but a scare.

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Two hundred determined men held the whole city at bay. They took forcible possession of all the rail- way property in the city. Two fine passenger coaches were derisively pin- carded Directors cars. In these cars were assembled the strikers. They sat puffing cigars, sent them by timid and misguided citizens, who thus encouraged and prolonged the cessation of business.

The strikers in this city gladly embraced the first op- portunity to return to work. It has a large population of laboring men and mechanics, all en- gaged either in the railroad shops, or in one or other of the extensive manu- facturing establishments.Nester tubes obtainable, its overbought, Herod, recuse fictitiously.

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Freud (Martin Rayner) is being visited by a young Oxford professor, C.S. Lewis (Mark H. Dold) who had satirized him in a book. All's Well That Ends Well is an important work of Shakespeares, and is highly recommended for fans of his works as well as those discovering his plays for the first time.

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May 03,  · F urther north, Siward's nephew Malcolm Canmore, was rising to power, becoming King Malcolm III of Scotland after the death of King Macbeth in battle. Malcolm swore allegiance to Edward the Confessor at York but in he ravaged Lindisfarne and north Northumbria and .

An analysis of three popular theories of personality development, using William Shakespeare's Macbeth as a study model.

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