An analysis of humor in advertising 1973

In the very early s, at the height of the worldwide motorcycle boom, an ad salesman named Rick Sieman envisioned a journal which would enable honest information to be exchanged between enthusiasts. Four decades since DIRT BIKE appeared and then faded from its original format, it continues to exhibit a fascinating impression on its now-fifty-something former readers.

An analysis of humor in advertising 1973

However, research clearly indicates that alcohol advertising and marketing also have a significant effect by influencing youth and adult expectations and attitudes, and helping to create an environment that promotes underage drinking.

Evidence from long-term studies A national study published in January concluded that greater exposure to alcohol advertising contributes to an increase in drinking among underage youth.

Ads that were liked by youth in the study were more likely to elicit responses from youth saying they wanted to purchase the brand and products advertised. The three most popular alcohol ads among youth in the study used animal characters as the leading actors.

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However, these attitudes and perceptions predict young people? Clever jingles, flashy lights, fast talking, and quick pacing, all contribute to the message of commercials. Between andyouth exposure to alcohol advertising on television in the U. Much of this increase resulted from the rise in distilled spirits advertising on television from 1, ads in to 46, ads in Inmore than half of youth exposure to alcohol advertising in magazines came from 22 brands, all of which exposed youth to their advertising more effectively than adults.

For every 1 million underage readers ages in a magazine, researchers found 1. Federal Trade Commission,4. What Makes It Attractive to Youth? BATF,14, cited in U. Department of Health and Human Services, October2. Alcohol Advertising Expenditures, iii. Youth Exposure to Alcohol Advertising on Television, ?

An analysis of humor in advertising 1973

Wolfe Street, Baltimore, MD The purpose of this study is to provide an integrative meta-analysis of research on humor effects in advertising. The meta-analysis quantifies, updates, and expands previous literature.

Despite frequent appearances in advertising, within and across national contexts, researchers tend to treat humor as a culture-bound phenomenon, without offering universal theories or frameworks for exploring the use of humor-based ad appeals in cross-cultural advertising.

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An analysis of humor in advertising 1973

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