Account of the vietnam war the struggle for vietnam

Quite naturally, the battles have a distinctive perspective for people all around the world. For the Americans, the most historically significant one being the Vietnam War that was fought between the years and in which their army struggled to prevent the marching of the Communists into the South-Asian territory, and it had long-term consequences. As for the French, it was a decade-long conflict starting from and lasting tillwhich they eventually ended up losing.

Account of the vietnam war the struggle for vietnam

Prelude to the Battle of Hue A gross lack of operational intelligence on enemy planning for the Tet Offensive resulted in the achievement of nearly total surprise by Communist forces.

Vietnam War, (–75), a protracted conflict that pitted the communist government of North Vietnam and its allies in South Vietnam, known as the Viet Cong, against the government of South Vietnam and its principal ally, the United States. American Military Strategy in the Vietnam War, – Summary and Keywords For nearly a decade, American combat soldiers fought in South Vietnam to help sustain an independent, noncommunist nation in Southeast Asia. Mar 26,  · Was America’s war in Vietnam a noble struggle against Communist aggression, a tragic intervention in a civil conflict, or an imperialist counterrevolution to crush a movement of national.

American intelligence knew that People's Army of Vietnam PAVN regiments were within a day's march from Hue and were preparing for an attack — somewhere — yet completely failed to identify the intent and magnitude of the assault. There were no reliable human intelligence resources in Hue to identify the several hundred Viet Cong VC guerrillas who had infiltrated the city a couple of days prior to the attack in order to facilitate the PAVN invasion.

Located approximately 80 kilometers southeast of the DMZ, Hue was the predominant cultural, spiritual, and educational center of Vietnam. The city comprises two distinct towns separated by the Perfume River, which flows from west to east.

On the northern bank sits the Citadel, which once served as the residence for Annamese emperors, while the southern bank primarily consisted of residential areas, along with the University of Hue and the French provincial capital.

Account of the vietnam war the struggle for vietnam

The Surprise Attack At Within a few hours, Communist forces had seized control over the entire city save for two key objectives: Two Marine companies were directed to begin the painstaking process of clearing the south side of Hue building by building, through the prepared defenses of a determined enemy.

With every street a prepared kill zone monitored by snipers, the Marines were forced to adopt novel tactics to attain their objectives, learning through a costly process of trial and error.

Skilled in the conduct of rural and jungle warfare against hit-and-run ambushes, Marines in Hue now faced urban defense in depth. Tanks were the sole advantage in weaponry permitted by U.

In order to advance, small infantry teams armed with recoilless rifles and accompanied by tanks opened routes through walls and buildings, while self-propelled antiaircraft weapons and mortars provided suppressive fire.

While enabling troops to advance, these tactics did not prevent high American casualty rates. By the fifth day of fighting, Marine companies had acquired a number of tear gas launchers. This non-lethal weapon helped them to force North Vietnamese and Viet Cong soldiers out of buildings.

The enemy could now be engaged in the open, while U.

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On February 10 the south side of the city was declared secure. In the days that followed, Marines swept the southern portion of the city of all Communist forces. During these sweeps, Marines began to uncover mass graves of Hue residents executed during its occupation.

Upon capturing Hue, the Viet Cong had set up provisional authorities charged with replacing the existing municipal government with a "revolutionary administration". Working from lists previously developed by Viet Cong intelligence officers, the VC began to round up South Vietnamese soldiers, civil servants, political party members, Vietnamese and American civilians as well as other foreigners.

Names on the lists were called out over loudspeakers, with orders to report to a local school. Those not reporting voluntarily were hunted down. Since the Communists took great care to bury and conceal the dead, it took nearly a full year for U.

The South Vietnamese were to eventually recover 3, bodies from mass graves around the city, with an additional 2, people remaining unaccounted for. Heavy combat in the Citadel continued through February 20 when PAVN began a phased withdrawal, returning to their bases in the hills to the southwest of the city.

A Question of Supplies Confined to an urban environment, both sides attempted to cut supplies off from their opponents, with varying degrees of success.

On the second day of the battle, a battalion from the U. Through several days of fighting they were unable to isolate the city. Thus, Communist forces continued to receive reinforcements and fresh supplies from the Vietnamese interior."So much of the disunion we experience today, the polarization, the lack of civil discourse, began during the Vietnam War." — # VietnamWarPBS filmmaker Ken Burns.

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The Vietnam War was the prolonged struggle between nationalist forces attempting to unify the country of Vietnam under a communist government and the United States (with the aid of the South Vietnamese) attempting to prevent the spread of communism. According to Douglas Pike’s PAVN: People’s Army of Vietnam (), the Vietnamese Communists followed a strategy they called dau tranh (struggle) consisting of two operational elements: dau tranh vu trang (armed struggle) and dau tranh chinh tri (political struggle). These operational elements were envisioned as a pincers designed to crush the enemy. The Vietnam War is an especially sore point at the conference, and in the months that follow it becomes a bitterly divisive issue throughout the nation. they going to have somebody to give account to for that." SNCC leader Cleveland Sellers later recalled: is that young militants turned on a beleaguered Dr. King. That an ideological.

The titanic struggle for control of the city of Hue occurred at the height of the Tet Offensive. One of the longest and bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War, America has not experienced urban combat since then exceeding the scale of the fighting in Hue. Stanley Karnow's "Vietnam: A History," provides a decent overview of the history of this country -- dominated for so long by China and then France -- as well as the Vietnam War, and the quagmire that the U.S.

involvement became.

Account of the vietnam war the struggle for vietnam

Nov 02,  · The Iraq war has brought a new kind of casualty, though: women now account for 2 percent of the deaths. The numbers may seem small: five women have died. In all the years of the Vietnam War, only. A continuing struggle.

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The original NVVRS results were published in and found that current Vietnam veterans with PTSD accounted for 15 percent of the million Americans who served in the war. Over 30 percent of the study participants had reported effects that were classified as PTSD at some point during the 15 years since the war ended.

Selma To Saigon: The Civil Rights Movement And The Vietnam War (Civil Rights And The Struggle For Black Equality In The Twentieth Century) By Daniel S. Lucks.

The Vietnam War Era